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Vernon Ennels | Author of There's Something Your Son Needs To Tell You
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Honest, raw, and completely vulnerable, There’s Something Your Son Needs to Tell You acts as an open letter that encourages other young men to step forward and share their stories about sexual abuse in hopes that we will save our little boys. At least one and six men have been sexually abused.  And many of them are afraid and ashamed to talk about it. This fear is heightened in the black male community where a stigma persists around sexual abuse and sexual identity that reflects a homophobic and hypermasculine society. While many victims turn to religion to cope with their trauma, many religious organizations have either perpetuated the abuse or swept it under the rug. This book uses one experience to shed light on an ongoing issue and inspires others to take immediate action. 


Vernon Ennels Jr.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Vernon Ennels Jr. began serving his community at age sixteen when he was ordained as a deacon. He also served in Church Administration for over twenty years and assisted in implementing the vision of the church, while also ensuring excellence in the operations. Inspired by community activism, he became the founder of JR Executives, a youth leadership organization based in Arizona. And he has worked for nearly two decades as a project manager, focusing on energy conservation in government, private, and public markets. As a father to a young son and a mentor to youth, Ennels’s mission is to encourage discourse around childhood trauma, mental illness, and spirituality. 

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